Naturstamm-Rundbohlenhaus JURA. Mit lasierten Fenstern und Türen im Wunschfarbton

ab 11.400,00  inkl. 19% MwSt.

Grundpreis: 11.400,00  pro Set/Einheit: 1 St.

zzgl. Versandkosten

Diameter 170mm, natural trunk round wood. With glazed windows and doors in the color of your choice

Verfügbar bei Nachbestellung

  •              Round timber and beam kit: Walls and posts made from round beams, including all door and window cutouts, tenons and node connections. The kit includes the necessary wooden nails and T-bars
  •              Type of wood: pine. Before production, the wood is dried out and after production it is treated with a protective agent against blue stain
  •              Sealing material between the joists
  •              Log Walls: are made from 170mm logs
  •              Floor construction: carrying beam impregnated 45x145mm, floorboards 28mm 
  •              Terrace construction: supporting beam impregnated 45x145mm, terrace boards 28mm
  •              Roof (ceiling) construction: profile formwork 15mm, rafters/purlins 45x145mm, gable boards and eaves strips 20x120mm
  •              Tilt and turn windows and exterior doors: with double insulation gasification, opening inwards. The kit also includes the custom-made and ready-to-install cover boards. Finished with glaze on both sides, with or without removable rungs
  •              Iron details: nail plates, slide irons, sheet metal mounting strips, threaded rods and feet for posts.
  •              Assembly drawings: floor plan, elevations, wall plans, detailed drawings. 

Additional information:

– Delivery time: within 9-12 weeks after clarification of all technical and purchase. Details.

– Accessories: Paints, varnishes, glazes, fastening material, gutter, roofing and assembly are optional.

– Delivery is by forwarding agent to the curb. The access road must be passable for trucks up to 40 tons.

– Technical changes reserved.

– It is an assembly kit. A building permit is required for this house. Building law is a matter for the federal states, it is assessed and acted on very differently in different federal states. Before you begin any preparatory work on the building site, you should definitely obtain detailed information from your municipality!

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